A Murder to Die for

I’m currently writing a new book.

It’s a novel. And its a murder mystery. And a comedy.

Think Tom Sharpe writing Agatha Christie and you’ll be in the right ball park.

I’m crowd-funding the book with the innovative and award-winning publisher Unbound. They may be a ‘new kid on the block’ but they’ve already notched up several bestsellers, a Mann Booker Prize longlist nomination and, in 2015, one of their novels won the Bookseller Book of the Year.

They are a force to be reckoned with.

So, what’s the book about? Here’s the blurb:

Every year, fans from all over the world descend upon the picturesque South Herewardshire village of Little Hogley to attend one of the UK’s biggest murder mystery festivals. It celebrates the life of its most famous resident, the enigmatic author Agnes Crabbe – a contemporary of Agatha Christie and other Golden Age ‘Queens of Crime’ – and her fictional lady detective, Miss Magnolia Chetwynd.

Agnes Crabbe’s fans are quite obsessive; the majority turn up at the festival dressed as Miss Chetwynd and spats between rival fan clubs are not uncommon. But when one of the most prominent superfans is murdered on the first day of the festival, the police find themselves trying to solve a crime in which the victim, witnesses, almost everyone in the village, and even the murderer, are all dressed as Miss Chetwynd. To make matters even worse, they are not only pitted against the murderer but against hundreds of wannabe lady detectives all keen to solve the case for themselves.

In this darkly comic farce, the worlds of classic detective fiction and real-life homicide investigation come crashing together with hilarious results.

If you fancy becoming a kind of ‘patron of the arts’ and helping to make this book happen for the price of a pizza, do visit the Unbound site here.

Thank you.