Me Me Me


Hello! I’m Stevyn, pronounced ‘Stee-ven’ or possibly ‘Stee-vin’. But not ‘Steh-vine’. Or ‘Soo-zan’.

I’m an author, artist, songwriter, speaker and (oddly-spelled) Cornishman. Oh, and I’m one of the ‘elves’ that research and write the popular BBC TV series QI. I also co-write its sister show, The Museum of Curiosity, for BBC Radio 4.

In a curiously diverse and eclectic 54 years I’ve been a chef, a potato picker, a milkman, a police officer and more. I’ve written briefing notes for two Prime Ministers and TV scripts for Gerry Anderson and Doctor Who. I’ve helped build dinosaur skeletons for the Natural History Museum, movie monsters for Bruce Willis to shoot at, and I was the official artist for the 2006 National Children’s Book Fair. I’ve also been set on fire twice, been kissed by Princess Diana and hugged by Freddie Mercury. I said it was diverse.

I’ve  given hundreds of talks across the UK and USA on a variety of subjects from problem solving to Cornish mythology to why I believe that I wasn’t even vaguely intelligently designed (just look for goodness’ sake). I’m pretty much a regular fixture at festivals and events such as Skeptics in the Pub, Cornbury, Harrogate, Hay, Latitude and the Edinburgh Fringe.

I’m a consultant in problem solving for creative agency Left/Field London and I was a judge for the 2013 Transmission (of Ideas) Awards. I lecture at a number of UK universities and I also merited four pages (83-86) of write-up in behavioural economics genius Rory Sutherland’s influential book The Wiki Man. Get me.

I’ve written some books too – do go and look in the ‘My Books’ section of this site.

Thanks for popping by!


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